DevOps has revolutionised the traditional software delivery lifecycle resulting in faster product delivery, faster issue resolution, greater scalability, and more automation.

Throughout this course, you will learn how DevOps practices can bring similar benefits to your penetration testing and red team operations by:

  • Automating the building & testing of your tools.
  • Preventing bad/breaking changes being merged into your codebase.
  • Automating the removal of known IoCs from public tools.
  • Automating tool obfuscation and AV scanning.
  • Publishing uniquely built tools ready for use.

Course Curriculum

    1. Installation

    2. Add a Runner

    3. Create a User

    4. Create a Project

    5. MyCalculator Solution

    6. MyCalculator Solution [DEMO]

    7. Calculator Library

    8. Calculator Library [DEMO]

    9. Calculator Tests

    10. Calculator Tests [DEMO]

    11. CI/CD Pipeline

    12. CI/CD Pipeline [DEMO]

    13. Catching a "broken" Merge Request

    14. Deploying Artifacts

    1. TeamCity

    2. Installation

    3. Creating Projects

    4. Creating Projects [DEMO]

    5. Removing Known IOCs

    6. Removing Known IOCs [DEMO]

    7. Automatic Obfuscation

    8. Automatic Obfuscation [DEMO]

    9. Controlled Failure

    10. Controlled Failure [DEMO]

    11. Publishing Artifacts

    12. Publishing Artifacts [DEMO]

About this course

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  • 30 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content