Exam Information

The Red Team Ops II examination is a practical CTF-style event driven by Snap Labs.  Upon booking, a new event will appear in your account.  If you do not already have a Snap Labs account, one will be created, and a temporary password emailed to you. 

The objective is to compromise the domain, bypass defenses, and collect the flags.   There are 6 flags, which must be submitted on the scoreboard as proof of progress.  Students must submit at least 5/6 flags to pass.

Students have a total of 96 hours runtime within an 8-day window.  The exam VMs can be stopped at any time to preserve runtime.  If enough flags have been collected by the end of the 8-day exam period, the Red Team Lead badge will be awarded via email.

You may reschedule or cancel bookings up to an hour before the start time.  Access to the environment is only provided via a Guacamole interface - no VPN or Internet access is available. 

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